Vitas Jordan originated as a continuation of the 1998 Cooperative Agreement signed between Global Communities (formerly CHF International) and USAID to establish the Southern Jordan Access to Credit Project (SJACP). The purpose of the project was to provide microfinance lending services to the residents of the southern Governorates of Jordan over a period of five years, as well as building an interactive capacity with the formal financial institutions through risk-sharing partnerships with commercial banks. In response to the local community needs, the vision of transforming the project into a sustainable local corporate entity was finally realized, culminating with the registration of MEMCC (Middle East Micro Credit Company) as a Limited Liability Non-Profit Company in January 2003. While MEMCC has achieved much in its 10 years, we feel that it is no longer the right structure to keep up with the growing and changing needs of our clients.

To position ourselves to make a more lasting impact as we grow, MEMCC has joined the Vitas Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Global Communities. With this move, MEMCC becomes “Vitas Jordan” in name and in values, but still remains true to its founding purpose: to make a difference in our communities by bringing financial opportunities to those who are not well-served by traditional banks or lenders.

Vitas Jordan has the privilege of serving over 27,000 clients across Jordan. As we move forward, we renew our commitment to fulfill these clients’ needs. We constantly strive to live up to their expectations on all levels –in keeping up with their life changes, in making their lives easier, and in and providing comfortable and easy financial solutions that enable them to become self-sufficient and great contributors to the growth of their communities. Our clients represent our highest priority, so Vitas Jordan remains committed to keeping in constant communication with our clients dedicated and understanding to their surrounding conditions, we always keep in mind our role in being proactive to fulfill the exact need our client desires, we also dig deep to find the hidden potential of our clients to make the best out of their experience opening new endeavors and creating promising future opportunities for them.