The Microfinance sector is one of the most powerful tools that supports and assists in having a robust and resilient financial sector that is critical to ensure a strong economic growth. Our Microfinance Institutions aims at serving our local communities with a set of a well-tailored demand driven financial services to influence with a great value the living standards and the quality of the services obtained (education, nutrition, health care and clothing).

The main`s objective of Tanmeyah – Jordan Microfinance Network, is to support the development of the Microfinance sector in Jordan, by promoting the best applicable practices related to the operational framework of the microfinance sector, policies and procedures, by focusing on other central topics, such as the social performance, consumer protection and financial literacy. Tanmeyah – Jordan Microfinance Network is working collectively with the microfinance institutions and the stakeholders of the financial inclusion strategy; to promote economic sustainability and inclusive growth, by strengthening the regulations of the sector in Jordan and supporting the implementation of the “Financial Inclusion” strategy to achieve its goals, through providing diversified sources of adequate financial services with flexible delivery channels.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank the team of Tanmeyah and the Executive Director, Mr. Saleem Nammari, for their continued strong leadership and passion. I would also like to thank the management and the teams of the Microfinance Institutions for their enthusiasm and dedication translated responsibly in the field. Finally as a sector, we are confident and self-assured that together we will continue our endeavors towards enhancing the local economies through providing the necessary funding’s for the entrepreneurs to benefit from the various economic opportunities available in the governorates of the Kingdom that tomorrow it will be transformed into an important tributaries to the national economy.