The Jordan Micro Credit Company (Tamweelcom) was established in 1999 as a non-profit organization to pioneer the field of micro-enterprise support and development. Tamweelcom is owned by the Noor Al-Hussein Foundation which operates independently under the umbrella of the King Hussein Foundation.

To this day with its capital reserves exceeding JD 3 million, Tamweelcom continues to leave its mark on any challenge it faces. A growing capital coupled with enormous dedication and laser-like visions have propelled Tamweelcom toward unprecedented successes in the microfinance industry. Tamweelcom has proudly positioned itself as one of the leading microfinance companies on local, regional and international levels.

Tamweelcom provides financial and non-financial services to the low-income and productive-poor to improve their social and living standards by adopting and implementing international microfinance best practices In addition to the financial and non-financial services which Tamweelcom provides, Tamweelcom through its value chain aims to offer further business development services such necessary technical training including products packaging, and marketing, accounting and necessary financial literacy training, and such services will be provided by unique partners.

It’s worth mentioning that Tamweelcom helps clients to sell their finished handmade products through Souk Ayyadi outlets, an opportunity to grant our clients the chance to market their products in fairs and exhibitions.

Our financial products include Individual Loans for projects such as (Hope Progress and Pioneer Loans), and those for (Marriage, Home Improvement, Car registration and Licensing etc, in addition to Group Loans, granted to groups of women comprised of 2 to 7 members.

Tamweelcom has served as of the end of 2013 over 341,153 clients, 93.71% of which are women, with over 406.983 loans disbursed with a total value exceeding JD 181, 340,976.

With regards to the awards and accreditations, Tamweelcom won the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence 2013 on Large Services category, and was rated the Number One Microfinance Company in Jordan and the Arab World according to “The MIX” market classification, 2008.

Tamweelcom seeks through its commitment to its mission in providing the best practices not solely to improve people’s lives economically but socially as well. It also aspires to create an impact through its social services by validating and accrediting its practices and building on them.