FINCA’s microfinance program in Jordan started in August 2007 and the first loan was disbursed on November 18, 2007. FINCA Jordan has established its head office in Amman, and has branches serving residents of Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, Jerash, Dier Alla, Sahab, Madaba, and Northern Shuneh.

FINCA Jordan targets women entrepreneurs in rural and urban areas that own small and medium businesses, either from their homes or from registered outlets in addition to small business sector clients. The FINCA clients have businesses in a variety of sectors from trade, services, manufacturing and agriculture. FINCA also targets the male and female young entrepreneurs under 30 years of age aspiring to start and expand their own ventures. As of today, the program has 25,000 active clients. FINCA Jordan targets under-served rural areas of Jordan where poverty is more widespread. FINCA Jordan’s staff is comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals, committed to building a sustainable microfinance program and providing long-term solutions to the needs of its clients.