Al-Ameen Micro-finance Co. is a Jordanian LLC that works on financing of households for the purposes of: consumer, education, and the financing of projects licensed and unlicensed, home and independent. Al-Ameen (LLC) was established and registered officially as a company in the ministry of Industry and Trade on 20/12/2009 under the number 20417 with a capital of 100,000 dinars for the purposes of financing for small-scale projects for the development of the community, and Mr. Mohamed Abdul Aziz Saleh is director of the company and the Commissioner for signature on behalf of the company in all financial matters and administrative.

In March 17, 2010, Al-Ameen disbursed its first loans through Sweileh branch.

Vision and Mission

Vision and mission of Al-Ameen is to assist low-income and poor producers to upgrade their level of living and social through their small, and contribute to the payment of low-income people to set up other projects, thus limiting the problems of poverty and unemployment through the provision of sustainable financial services to serve that class.

Goals and objectives:

  • Provide funding and financial services consistently distinct and new techniques, adapted to customer requirements.
  • Extend a helping hand to clients by educating them enough to distinguish between support, and lending to help individuals from low-income people to engage in the labor market at a steady pace.
  • Provide opportunities to borrow for micro-entrepreneurs, to help them develop these projects and raise the rate of entry of their families.
  • Provide opportunities to borrow for those unable to borrow through traditional banking system due to their inability to provide guarantees, which requires banks and existence.
  • Build an ongoing relationship of trust with customers and maintaining customer satisfaction. Contribute to raising the level of the national economy by creating job opportunities for citizens and the reduction of poverty and unemployment rates.
  • Staff retention and provide material and moral support.
  • To become a sustainable financial company.