Ahli Microfinance Company (AMC) was founded in mid-1999, and it is considered to be the first private-sector microfinance institution that operates in this field. Since then, AMC has provided 170 million JDs worth of loans with total number of 191,000 to micro and small local businesses through 24 branches throughout the Kingdom. As part of its ambitions on-going development plan AMC continues to open new branches in different cities across the kingdom. Through specialized training and advanced management techniques in the field, AMC supports its growing operation and sustains its team’s development. It is a pioneer microfinance institution that targets customers who do not benefit from the services of commercial banks; therefore, the company’s services take into account the social, economic and financial dimensions of its products.

AMC excels in providing its services through developing loan programs professionally tailored to suit a varied assortment of businesses and social segments. These include: group and individual loans for licensed and unlicensed projects, The financing amount ranges from 250 JD to JD 5000.

Under the accelerated international changes and the strong competition between different sectors, it is very essential to adopt a system that achieves and ensures quality, supports competitiveness, and helps achieve required targets and continuously improves performance. Accordingly, AMC was granted the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate through establishing effective methodologies to be implemented and controlled for management, marketing, operations, customer relations, human resources management, infrastructure resources and information technology.