Who We Are

Tanmeyah  Jordan Microfinance Network was established and formally registered as a non-profit institution at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2007.

The Network’s main objective is to develop a sustainable microfinance industry that will become an integral part of the national financial system in Jordan. It will play an active role in supporting the further development of the microfinance industry, providing advocacy and awareness rising on behalf of its members, promoting information and disseminating the latest developments and trends in the sector.

Microfinance in Jordan

The microfinance sector in Jordan was established in 1994 through the launch of a pilot lending scheme in Amman. And the financing institutions of microfinance institutions in Jordan follow self-sustainability programs, meaning that they do not depend on grants or external aid to sustain their work.

The microfinance sector initially focused on financing at the chamber of commerce rates and small and international funds.

Microfinance has helped the growth, employment, and start-up of the entrepreneurial poor in Jordan.

and demonstrated the ability to grow on sustainable and strong foundations envisioned through strong operational and sustainability of services provided.

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