European Union Support

In 2016, Tanmeyah – Jordan Microfinance Network successfully obtained a grant from the European Union that aims at building and expanding the operational capacity of Tanmeyah.

Thanks to the European Union’s support, Tanmeyah- Jordan Microfinance Network was able to improve the level of services provided to the microfinance sector in Jordan and to enhance its visibility to reach, not only the direct stakeholders (as per the Jordan National Microfinance Policy Framework), but also to indirectly support the end beneficiaries of the microfinance institutions.

Now Tanmeyah is on the right track and closer to achieving its goals by becoming a member-driven network that effectively supports the MF sector in Jordan, by:

  • Bringing together different stakeholders and offering a suitable environment for discussion, learning, and advocacy that will lead to the development of the sector and reaching the ultimate goal of a sustainable microfinance industry in Jordan.
  • Promoting comprehensive financial products for microenterprises and underserved productive households, by contributing to strengthening and empowering the Jordanian MFIs through value-added services.

Leveraging the support of the EU, Tanmeyah – Jordan Microfinance Network, was able to increase public awareness about the sector; and how it has helped in creating job opportunities for the unemployed and fighting poverty. Tanmeyah was also able to improve the public image of the microfinance sector in Jordan; by disseminating more information on members’ objectives and activities and the range of financial and non-financial products they offer.

As of October 2017, Tanmeyah – Jordan Microfinance Network, had successfully secured a “Technical Support” grant the EU, that aims at supporting Tanmeyah`s implementation of its strategic vision and of the NMPF, which ultimately lead to Tanmeyah becoming the representative of the MF sector in Jordan and the official promotor of best practices as well. The Technical Support Program will enable Tanmeyah to become the leading source of market research and information on the microfinance in Jordan and in the region, and the official training facilitator for Microfinance trainings and networking events.

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